PTTI Computational Models

Computational Models for Population-wide Testing, Tracing and Isolation

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Multi-paradigm modelling modelling in Python

The PTTI software package is designed for running epidemiological models with interventions. It contains the models used in our technical SEIR-TTI paper where we show how to do testing and contact tracing in a compartmental model and our more policy-oriented PTTI paper where we use it to explore a number of policy scenarios for the UK. The software is

An on-line demo is available for exploring scenarios with interventions like those in the PTTI paper.

Scaling up epidemiological models with RBM

This is a collection of models as described in our paper, [Scaling up epidemiological models with rule-based modelling]. They are written in the Kappa language and the models themselves can be found in the models/ subdirectory of the repository on the Github. It is also possible to simulate them in your web browser with the links below: